There are over 30 genetic conditions commonly found in children with developmental delays (DD) or autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Three easy steps to get started

Reduce medical risks (such as seizures) that you didn't know existed

"Finding a genetic diagnosis for our daughter, Maia, that explains so many of her symptoms has relieved our family of years of worry and guilt"

- Calleen & Alan (Maia's parents)

"We were able to find and address some of her health problems earlier and get established with the specialists that we may need to see in the future because we now had her diagnosis. "

- Katie (Maggie's mother)

Do you want to find the cause of why your child is falling behind?

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DiGeorge syndrome

Angelman syndrome

Phelan-McDermid syndrome

Smith-Magenis syndrome

Prader-Willi syndrome

Williams syndrome

Potocki-Lupski syndrome

Know what is the cause for your child's autism or delay

Get personalized and better treatment for your child with a genetic diagnosis

Understand the level of support your child will need in the future

Lineagen and Learn partnered to bring the benefit of genetic testing into your child's autism treatment and overall healthcare plan

Did you know that children with autism who have an underlying genetic cause may grow and learn differently? These children may need additional or different medical treatment.

There is extensive research showing the importance of genetic testing and the role it can play in determining the best treatment options for individuals with autism. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatricians put forth a new guideline recommending genetic testing for those with autism.

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Learn what may be passed on in the family, which can help future family planning

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